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Why quality counts…

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Nathan Maisey Testimonial

I needed to be 100% confident that outsourcing would meet our quality standards- and working with Connect feels like having our own team in India. It’s really a no-brainer…

Recently we heard from one of our clients Nathan Maisey from Maisey Harris & Co how Connect helped them to set up a seamless compliance process.

We started Maisey Harris & Co three years ago. We were a new practice without any legacy systems, so we saw an opportunity to build our business right from the start with a new mindset.

The first step in our new approach was to ask our clients exactly what they wanted from us. They told us they don’t just want to know how much tax to pay; they want make better decisions about how to grow their businesses.

Compliance work is seen as low value by our clients, so why would we spend 90% of our time working on it? Clients want business advisory services.

We also know that thanks to AI more and more compliance work will become automated in the future. If we don’t have other services to offer our clients, our practice will be left behind.

We created a cloud-based model offering fixed-fee compliance services, so there is no “scope creep” or fee anxiety from clients (or us!). Then The Gap introduced us to Connect Outsourcing, who helped us to turn that compliance process on autopilot.

I’d heard about outsourcing before through word of mouth. To be honest at first I had some negative impressions about it that Connect proved wrong.

My first concern was that outsourced work wouldn’t meet our quality standards. One of our core values is to provide the highest quality to our clients, and I needed to be 100% confident this wouldn’t be compromised by an outsourced team.

We gave Connect a one-month trial, and we soon realised the quality of the work is excellent. It was as if we had chartered accountants working on the files. We briefed them on how to create reports the way we preferred, with the structure and grammar we like, and they delivered.

My second concern was that outsourcing was too complicated. I was worried we would get bogged down sorting out queries and double-handling files, and that the whole thing would be a waste of our time.

This hasn’t been a problem with Connect. All our outsourcing is coordinated by our admin person, which frees up our accounting team. We have a very structured system with a checklist that our admin person can manage, and then all reviews are done by an accountant.

Working with Connect feels like having our own team in India. Our team leaders Shiv and Gurav who we deal with day-to-day are awesome.

It’s really a no-brainer.

Nathan Maisey CA, owner and director of Maisey, Harris & Co

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