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10 Productivity Apps to help your clients…

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As an accountant, you know how amazing cloud-based accounting is for improving productivity and helping clients to transform their admin process. But why stop at accounting? Once your clients see how amazing cloud accounting can be, they’ll often ask you for useful apps that can integrate with their accounting software to help them achieve more with their time.

We’ve compiled this list of some of the most useful apps you can recommend for your clients to improve productivity and document management.

General apps


Google Drive

Drive is one of the most time-saving apps on the market because it fulfills a simple purpose and does it extremely well. Drive has all the functionality a business need from an office word-processing system – the ability to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations – but with the added security and functionality of being in the cloud. Your client can share documents directly with employees, work with the most up-to-date file from wherever they are, and add different apps to get the results they want.

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This is a useful app for getting teams together to manage projects. Your clients can keep all their data on one platform and liaise with other team members, clients, and external stakeholders through the platform. Email notifications let team members know when something new has happened, and anything uploaded can be easily searched or discussed in the comment fields.

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If your client has to deal with several expense reports from their staff every month, then getting an app like Expensify will help them keep track of these for their records. Employees can even take photographs of receipts and match them to their reports, and Expensify integrates with common travel providers to ship travel itineraries direct to the device.

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Vend is point-of-sale software that does more than just process payments – it includes everything you need to run a successful retail or hospitality business. Vend enables you to manage inventory, customer loyalty programs, and ecommerce stores alongside POS functionality. The fact that it works across desktop, tablet and smartphone means you can use Vend to run moving businesses like food trucks and pop-up restaurants with ease.

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Is your client running a manual ordering system at their bar or restaurant? This nifty little app can help them to save time and drive more sales. Take orders at the table to streamline your whole ordering process and quickly add items and get alerts when stock runs low. Another product from the same company enables the self-service of beer or other drinks.

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Foodstorm enables your client to manage large-scale catering orders in a single web app and enable online ordering and automations to further improve productivity and scalability. If your clients runs a hospitality business that involves catering, then pointing them toward Foodstorm could make a tremendous difference to their business.

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Trades and construction



Tradify is a simple job management application that can help you manage your quotes, invoices, inventory, vans, and from wherever you are. What makes Tradify so good is that it’s so simple and intuitive that even tradies who aren’t that tech savvy can get the hang of it. The mobile apps for Apple and Android also make it great for logging time and details from site.

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Debtor Daddy

Chasing unpaid invoices is one of the biggest headaches for trade businesses. Too often it gets pushed back so often that invoices are completely forgotten, and business suffers as a result. Debtor Daddy is a great tool to chase unpaid invoices automatically, thus freeing up a tradie’s limited free time for their family or other interests.

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Professional Services


Practice Ignition

Engage, convert, manage, and bill your clients through Practice Ignition. This clever software streamlines all areas of your professional services business – including proposals, contracts, and letters of engagement. It’s also completely adaptable, so you can use the features you need to ignore those you don’t.

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Timely is an appointment booking software designed to help doctor’s offices, salons, or other clinics streamline their scheduling. As well as managing scheduling, you can sync invoices and payments to Xero to keep track of all your data without double entry.

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What kinds of apps are your clients looking for? There’s an exhaustive list of apps for all types of industries on the Xero app marketplace. Prepare a few you recommend for new clients, and they’ll be singing your praises!

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